Wrecked Cars

Wrecked CarsDo you know car owners have the right to salvage their own wrecked car? Do you need to sell a wrecked car? If so, you can sell it to Corio Auto Parts, no matter what the condition your wrecked car is in. We even buy wrecked cars in Geelong that are completely totaled. You can sell a wrecked car to us for top dollars whether your car is in perfect condition or even isn’t road worthy anymore.

Millions of cars are wrecked every year. An insurance company may total a car after an accident if the cost to repair it exceeds the car value. Sometimes insurance companies will assign your wrecked car a salvage value and deduct that from your final check. Sell it to us and receive top cash price in return.

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A little bit about Corio Auto Parts:

Corio Auto Parts has been buying totalled and wrecked cars since 1976 to provide Geelong
with the best range of new, used and reconditioned spare parts at extremely reasonable
prices. Because we dismantle wrecked car’s parts and recycle, reuse and resell them in the
market, it is a win/win for you and for us both.
With us, you can always expect to get more cash than you expect. We own 6 acres of
wrecking yard in Geelong to turn wrecked cars into spare parts, recycled steel, and
inexpensive used parts.

Why Choose Us?

For us, customer service is our top priority. We make sure our customers are satisfied with
the sale because that is what makes our business a constant success. We treat our
customers fairly and pay them top dollar cash for their wrecked cars. Our main goal is to
provide a great service with no hassle so our customers leave with a smile.
You get numerous benefits when you sell your wrecked car in Geelong to us, such as:

  1. Immediate response from our team when you contact us
  2. One-day easy procedure to get rid of your wrecked car from your property
  3. Instant cash on spot before we tow your wrecked car
  4. Free pick-up and removal for wrecked vehicle
  5. Free documentation for all wrecked vans, trucks, cars, 4wds, and utes
  6. No hidden or extra charges for any other service
  7. You do your part to reduce carbon footprints
  8. We accept all kinds of car’s make and model

What We Buy?

Corio Auto Parts purchases all kinds of cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles of all makes,
models and years every day across Geelong. We accept:

  • Wrecked Mitsubishi cars
  • Wrecked Toyota cars
  • Wrecked Nissan cars
  • Wrecked Ford cars
  • Wrecked Holden cars and many other passenger and commercial vehicles.

Our Process:

The process to sell a wrecked car to us is really easy. You can fill out the online form by
inputting your car’s information and wait for our appraiser to make an unbeatable offer for
your wrecked car. Alternatively, you can call us at our number to get in touch with a
customer care representative.

Contact Us:

Corio Auto Parts are your best option for providing a fair market value for your wrecked car,
which is definitely higher than your insurance salvage value. We offer same day service and
handle all the paperwork required for the transfer of title. One of our representatives will
arrive and pay you cash for your wrecked car, and tow it away.

It is that simple!

Corio Auto Parts picks up and hauls the cars for free, quickly and efficiently. We pay the
most cash possible in the market. Our professional car valuation experts are knowledgeable
and courteous.

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